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Project management

 Expediting / Inspection


We offer:
Project management for projects of every kind, related to








General Contractor Deliveries

with the priorities of meeting deadlines and minimising costs in initial stages. This is one of the most successful fields of activity of ECOMAR KRANZ CONSULT.

We learned from our experience that project mamagement should be involved already in the earliest stages of planning and tendering in order to avoid subsequent problems, since it is in these phases that critical decisions must be taken.

We don't like 'fire brigade' actions and unforeseen events. Our project management services are based on 'fire prevention' principles.

 Project management involves principally

* in the planning phase

  • - comparison and optimisation of technical solutions
    - consideration and evaluation of solutions affecting more than one sector
    - determination of purchasing and contract conditions
    - comparison and optimisation of planned deadlines through use of grid-planning technique

* during production of construction material and machinery

  • - production control with regard to quality, quantity and deadlines
    (inspection, expediting)

* during construction and erection

  • - coordination between various contractors
    - supervision of construction with regard to quality, quantity and deadlines
    - continuous up-dating of grid-plans through computerized critical-path analysis
    - compilation of progress reports
    - product support preparation (see annex to this chapter) regarding
    - maintenance and repair provisions
    - manuals and instructions
    - spare parts lists
    - training
    - acceptance of completed installations
    - checking and approval of suppliers' invoices

* after completion

  • - assistance in initial stages
    - instruction and training of operating personnel


Taking into consideration the different stages of a project:

1 Collection and evaluation of basic data
2 System analysis
3 Provisional planning
4 Detailed design
5 Construction and erection
6 Implementation / Start of production

project management is a necessary controlling function for all projects quite from the beginning.

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