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Selection of References

1970 -1973

Extension and remodelling of production facilities of AG"Weser"-shipyard at Bremen. Work had to be carried out without any disruption of the running production. (AG"Weser", Germany)


Supervision of construction of floating dock, power station, and seawater desalination plant, as a member of the team engaged in client's project management for the construction of a repair yard in Jeddah, Saudi-Arabia. (Saudi Ports Authority)

1987 - 1988

Project management for reorganisation and extension of central distribution and storage facilities of a European department store company.

1989 - 1990

Project management for
* design, engineering of a seawater desalination plant for Tripoli, Libya.
* design, engineering, construction and assembly of a bottling plant for desinfec-ting liquids.
* design and engineering for a mineral-water production and bottling plant.
(DVT GmbH, Germany)

1990 - 1991

Project management for gold exploration in Mali , Westafrica. (AGEM GmbH, Germany/Canada)

1994 - 1997

Project management for the development of a system for high grade corrosion protection of steel and aluminum. (NWO GmbH, Germany)

1994 - 1996

Project managment for design, construction and installation of 9 well water desalination plants in the Tobruk area (Libya). (DVT GmbH, Germany)

1997 - 1998

Expediting services for the delivery and erection of a pulp mill in Indonesia. (Kloeckner Industrie-Anlagen, Germany)


Expediting services for the delivery of European equipment of the extension of a Caprolactam plant in Taiwan. (Chiyoda Corp., Japan)

1998 - 2001

Project management for the development of a decorative, non toxic surface to be applied on metal sheets. (NWO GmbH, Germany)