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Certainly, Expediting calls 'acceleration' and is still associated, unfortunately, with the outdated notion 'deadline hunter'. We define it, certainly, first of all as securing of deadlines, but not against, but in cooperation with the supplier as an equivalent partner in the project. The Expediter shall make every effort to prevent delays in delivery.
                                          For this purpose he shall

when the project contract is signed:

become familiar with the General Specifications

when a purchase order has been signed:

study the purchase order and the purchase requisition

arrange for a Kick-off Meeting at the Vendor’s premises

during the kick-off meeting:

obtain the Vendor’s organisation chart

obtain the Vendor’s schedule for document transmission

check whether the Vendor understands the requirements of the Specifications and other Purchase Order documents

obtain the Inspection Schedule in advance

obtain the sub-order(s) list

obtain an engineering/fabrication schedule

during expediting visits:

expedite preparation and submission of Vendor’s documents

expedite placing orders with sub-vendors

expedite fabrication

check the updated fabrication schedule

coordinate inspection with the Inspection Company

after each expediting visit

prepare the expediting report immediately

complete the table showing progress figures

To the experience of the expediter high claims are placed. In any case it is a matter of recognizing threatening delays quite at the beginning and by pursuing 'fire prevention'.

Certainly, 'fire brigade'-actions after entry of the case of emergency are spectacular. However, they nearly never help the project - and if, then only with indefensible high expenditure.