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The services offered by ECOMAR relate to


corrosion protection paint systems


application technology


sandblasting and painting plants and equipment


parts cleaning and powder coating plants

In these sectors ECOMAR offers the following SERVICES PROGRAMME:


Studies, planning and consulting in specification of corrosion protection systems for use on steel, non-ferrous metal, concrete and wood, with special regard to chemical/physical stresses and to application techniques



Consulting relating to application technology and equipment



Rational planning, work and time studies for paint application companies



Determination of sanitation measures for corroded structural members and plants



Supervision of application of corrosion protection paints



Planning, engineering, elaboration of tender documents, supervision of construction of sandblasting and painting plants



Turn-key deliveries of corrosion protection application plants.



Project management for corrosion protection application projects

ECOMAR also provides experts for short and long term consultancy projects to support paint application companies, other organisations concerned and governmental authorities with their know-how in corrosion protection sectors.