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Shipyard Consulting

The services offered here relate to


in the sectors


shipbuilding (new ocean and inland waterways transport vessels)


repair yards (ocean and inland waterways transport vessels)


breaker's yards

as well as particular facilities such as


ships' lifting gear


floating and dry docks




power generation and distribution


transport facilities and cranes


shipbuilding (in co-operation)

in the sectors


vessel design, theory


construction, conversion and repair


engines and machinery


equipment and fittings






In these sectors ECOMAR KRANZ CONSULT offers the following SERVICES PROGRAMME:

* feasibility studies (including field research); cost benefit analysis for shipyards

* consulting, planning, and engineering in redevelopment and reorganisation of shipyards

* detail design and provision of tender documents; evaluation of offers

* project management; construction supervision

* organisation and work studies; drawing-up of suitable work programmes and their introduction into the daily running of the organisation

* surveys of existing work procedures and efficiency; optimisation and rationalisation proposals

* compilation of documents/information relating to construction of vessels

* compilation of construction regulations for vessels and equipment

* vessel inspection and survey

* supervision of construction of new vessels and or re-fittings




ECOMAR KRANZ CONSULT also provides experts for short and long term projects to support companies, other organisations and governmental authorities (and, in training matters, ship yards) with their know how in technical and business economic sectors.

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